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FAQ Center

Will there be leagues or matches in the future?

Yes azcricket and ICC is looking to start youth cricket league and we will prepare kids for the league. We have started our own CT junior cricket league. To find more click here AZ Junior League !

Who can join this program?

CT 5 level program is designed for Kids of ages between 5 and 13

What is the Registration process and how do we register?

You can register at http://register.crickettrainers.com click here.

What is the fee for the program?

We charge 100 dollars for the 10 sessions and we charge $30 as a non refundable fee for Annual registration.

What a student learns by the end of the Session?

Student will learn the basics of the game and each session will have group training sessions full of cricket drills. We will cover all aspects of the cricket game. click here to find more on curriculum

Please tell us about Cricket Trainers Staff and Coaching Staff?

Vijay is Program Manager for CricketTrainers and manages all the Registration process and responsible for all the program communication .
  • Vijay Dhingra:Coach and Mentor
  • Ajay Dhingra:Batting Coach
  • Uday Tandon: Assistant Coach plays for AZ league
  • Duncan M: Fielding and fitness coach
  • Ameet Nainani:Plays in Arizona with Desi Devils
  • Rajesh Sharma: Plays for Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • Vikas Tomer: Plays in Texas
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    Please use any email address from yahoo.com, gmail.com,outlook.com or hotmail.com

    What parents can do at the time of session?

    Parents are welcome to stay and watch during the session. You can also leave the child and but we can not release the child to anyone else unless we are informed formally.

    How I Can Pay?

    • Check: You can pay check towards: CricketTrainers LLC
    • Chase Quick Pay: info@crickettrainers.com
    • PayPal (10% surcharge):dhingravijay@hotmail.com