About us

Cricket Team is consist of Cricket Lovers and exciting coaches .

CricketTrainers is started by two brothers who sensed need for a cricket academy to tap young talent and turn their passion in to right direction. We also felt that we can not be successful without the help of our fellow friends and parents who also love cricket.

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What we offer

  • 01.
    We are creating future players and leaders.

    Within our session of 10 classes we go over every aspect of the game, great players, great support staff and about their work done for their success. This is how they get motivation and get their coordination skills

  • 02.
    Coaching through Quick Team Cricket games.

    We have CT players to participate in innovative cricket games where they can participate in groups play and have fun. We play games like Tip cricket, passing the ball between players and many more

  • 03.
    Student Center.

    Student Center is a great place to check reports of your child online.Student reports are designed in a way to find the progress of the student in the areas of Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Leadership Skils, Coordination skills.Click Student Center



Thanks Vijay Dhingra and all members of Cricket Trainers for their support towards the cause.

Raj Khillan Smile Donor team